what types of packaging material is there!
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There are several types of packaging material used for different materials and goods. Some of them are listed below


It is the most general packaging material in market, usually resin. Resin is an effective material that can be customized to be a flexible or rigid body, depending upon the type of good that is to be packed.


Goods that are usually packed in cardboard boxes are first packed in a plastic material such as polystyrene, foam, or bubble wrap. Goods that are to be shipped around world are mostly packed in this material; it is a safe and strong packaging materials such as a high density polyethylene sheet.


Foam is not used as a packaging material like other materials do, however it is mostly used to store items such as TVs. Glass, or anything that is easily to break, or it is used to prevent sharp edges of a good from puncturing cardboard box.


This material is mostly used for products such as animal food, beer, and canned goods. It is an expensive packaging therefore most industries recycles this material to save money in their business.


Glass bottles and jars are widely used for packaging food and products like jam, alcohol, and honey. It is perfectly sealed package and is air tight.

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